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The technical backbone behind the overhaul of GST regime is the Goods and Service Tax network (GSTN) which is a collective effort of various stakeholders in the form of public private partnership such as central and state governments, CBEC and RBI, various software consultants and IT companies. The Goods and Service Tax Network had initially nominated a set of 34 GST Suvidha Providers followed by a second batch of 39 GSPs to assist the taxpayers with the new regime of taxation. The sole objective of evolving the concept of GSPs is to develop and maintain the IT infrastructure during and post implementation of Goods and Service Tax in India. All GSTN functions related to registration, return filing, tax payments, invoice upload and reconciliation will be available through Application Program Interface (APIs). It is an effort towards alignment of Digital India initiative and paperless environment with ease and comfort in doing business.

The GST Suvidha Provider framework is quite complex and multifaceted, as it involves two-way collaboration i.e., firstly between the GSP client and the GSP and secondly with the GST system and GSP. The primary role of GST Suvidha Provider is to establish an interface between the normal taxpayers and the GSTN portal by creating a GST platform. GSP roles extend from privacy and protection of client data, verification of data, storage and retrieval of data to audit and other control activities. Excellon as a GSP has launched its GST filing software EXACT providing highly reliable end-to-end GST compliance solution and makes it easy and convenient for the tax-payers. EXACT is user friendly interface being highly scalable which also automates multiple operational functions. EXACT is a platform and software provider for GST compliance to large and medium enterprises across all industries.

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