GST return filing with EXACT

The introduction of Goods and Service Tax (GST) is certainly a radical movement in the history of Indian taxation thereby ushering an entirely new era of taxation. GST has been accomplished as a robust structure of tax substituting number of taxes being VAT, Service Tax, Excise duty to name a few.

With the manifold changes in the taxation mechanism, the GSTN notified GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs) to hand-hold business enterprises in smooth compliance of GST both during and post the transition period. We at Excellon Software being one of the GSPs have developed a cutting-edge software solution – EXACT for Indian manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and distributors to cater to the needs considering the complexities involved in the GST tax structure.

Owing to the substantial changes in the taxation procedures and intricacies involved, EXACT software is well equipped for hassle free return filing and building month on month database which will enable timely reconciliation, organized database for annual return filing, customized reports and audit trails, all of it in a single place. Deployment of software for GST compliance would be inevitable in the long run and it is high time that assessees pre-empt this need of the hour. The personalized modules of EXACT ensures seamless integration and real-time invoice matching and reconciliation of data. GST return filing with EXACT is highly reliable as the software stands on all vital parameters of privacy and security, flexible enough to adapt to all accounting systems used by various organizations.

Witnessing the drastic inclination towards digitalization, GST return filing with EXACT is highly automated almost negating the manual exertion in data preparation and reconciliation for businesses that cannot afford errors and most importantly last day login issues. Hence, GST return filing with EXACT will make business operations run smooth and synchronized.

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