Five things to look at in a GST software

With much talk about the upcoming implementation of GST in the country, it comes as no surprise that  GST compliance is the talk of the town. Did you know that if your vendors are not GST compliant, then you will be unable to claim input credit on purchases? Similarly, your sales side supply chain could get disrupted if your suppliers are not compliant thus resulting in much chaos. The question thus plaguing finance heads is whether their systems are GST ready. But what should you look for to get the best solution? We believe the following features are key:

  • Interfacing with existing ERP systems:

ERP systems are the foundation stones of an organisation’s transactions. As such, a system with which GST can be easily implemented into the existing ERP system and seamlessly extract all the necessary data is essential.

  • Cloud connectivity:

The big boom in enterprise computing, cloud connectivity brings greater agility with a fraction of the cost. Easily accessible from anywhere, your chosen solution should ensure added reliability, responsiveness and robustness. Instant messaging features also play an important role in ensuring completion and compliance to a unified GST protocol.

  • Scalability:

Scalability gives you the flexibility of handling a large number of transactions. This is especially true  for companies with a large network of locations. In this scenario, an ideal solution provider should have an uptime of over 98% whilst ensuring all returns are filed on time.

  • Security:

With any system, complete security is always a pre-requisite ensuring your data is protected at all times. Automated monitoring features too are necessary to warrant compliance across the entire breadth of the organisational system.

  • One-stop solution:

An ideal solution should deal with end-to-end activities right from GSTN registration to futuristic  compliance and in-built analytics.

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